Mas afinal quem é o Parkie?

Sempre que contamos que vamos fazer esta viagem inesperada por Portugal, todos nos fazem as mesmas perguntas: mas como vocês se conheceram? Mas quem é o Parkie? Bem… ele chega a Portugal na próxima terça-feira dia 25 de Junho, mas entretanto, cá fica uma pequeníssima biografia deste senhor que atravessou metade do Mundo para nos conhecer!

What about me…?

I am a retired Certified Public Accountant. (Chartered Accountant in UK).
I grew up in Michigan, a university town in the middle of the US. But it is too cold there. So I moved to California 67 years ago.

I have one kid, a daughter who is also a CPA. She works for the movie company Warner Bros. and I think she is really nice!! She lives also in Santa Barbara. I live with a big longhaired cat named Naarak. He is mostly Siamese. Naarak means cute in Thai!!

parkie2I love to travel. I have been to Europe about ten times, each trip from one to six months. And I have been to China two times. Once for three months, once for two months.

But I know my trip to Portugal will be the best of all!!

Because I will be traveling with a bright shining young lady who is Portuguese!! We met here in Santa Barbara through Couchsurfing, a wonderful organization that brings together travelers and hosts. How did I get so lucky??



One thought on “Mas afinal quem é o Parkie?

  1. Great! I’ve just seen you both at Canal 1 TV. Hope you have a fantastic time in Portugal with this portuguese girl that I really admire for the idea she had! Cheers,


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